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Tweeting Liberty

Weaponize your twitter in the fight to spread libertarian ideas!

Do you ever struggle to put your thoughts into words, especially 280 characters? Need quick responses on social media to avoid losing arguments?

This book contains hundreds of tweets covering 12 chapters from Bradley Thomas' @EraseState twitter feed, conveniently gathered together for your reference and use. 

Feel free to use any and all of them, ideally in the process of shutting up a self-righteous Leftist. 

Communicating the ideas of liberty is critically important, never be caught flat-footed again when confronted by statists and socialists demanding more government and less freedom.

Our job is to effectively smash to bits the notion that the state is a morally legitimate force for the "common good," and reveal the state for the gang of thieves and aggression that it truly is. Only when a significant enough portion of citizens share in this belief will the state’s power truly be threatened.

Consider this book to be my humble and small contribution to that cause. 

Chapter topics include:


The Problem of Political Authority

Cognitive Dissonance of Leftists

Economics & Free Markets

Social Justice Warriors/Identity Politics

Consent, Not Coercion (Voluntaryism)

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Tweeting Liberty

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